THE ISSUE OF THE GENERATOR- How do I know when I am responding?

The Sacral Centre is a magical thing. I am not sure that anyone can ever really understand. It has no awareness of its own. It’s the way in which the gods decide what gets done down here. If you look at the Sacral Centre in the bodygraph, you can see that it is rather like a lower mirror of the Throat Centre. It has certain similarities to the throat as well – one being that it talks. OK, I’ll redefine that – it makes sounds without using language.

Over 70% of humanity is designed to make sounds without using language! What does it all mean?!!!

Well, here is my experience: I am English. You know the English, they have an obsession with a whole host of sounds that the body emits without using language, in particular, sounds that emerge through bodily orifices other than the mouth. Having said that, grunting at dinner parties is generally frowned upon over here. Thus when I first learned from Ra Uru Hu that unless I grunted more I wouldn’t find enlightenment, I did wonder which UFO this man had stepped out of.

Now, six years on, I understand that the way Ra has always taught about the Sacral Centre is actually simple and to the point. ‚Do you want to go out for dinner? ‚Uh huh‘.  You can’t put it much simpler than that. You cannot begin a conversation with a grunt, which says everything you need to know about the sacral. But Human Design continues to grow and mutate.

My own experience of the sacral is far subtler than that. Anyone who knows me well also knows that I make a whole zoo full of noises during the day, especially with my 2-year-old Generator son. But the way I make decisions, that is something different. Every Generator or Manifesting Generator has a unique combination of gates, lines and planets hooked to their sacral. Everyone of us is different, and the way in which we all respond is different.

I have thought about these things for a long time now. I have watched myself responding and not responding, and I have one big conclusion – life is nothing but response. Initiate – Respond. Cause – Effect.

Even a Manifestor initiating action in their life is responding to some cause somewhere- the firing of a neural pathway somewhere int he brain, the movement of a distant star system altering the chemical signals within the nervous system…Nothing exists except response.

In the quantum field of the consciousness of the universe everything is connected to everything else. Everything is responding to everything else. Anyway, I don’t want to philosophise any further than that.

So, Generators, here’s what you do:

Forget trying to workout how to Respond. Instead, workout what Resistance is.

I tell you, it isn’t hard. If you are a Generator and you meet resistance, you can be sure that you have just initiated. This is the law of awakening – the great mystic Gurdjieff once said: ‚in order to escape from prison, you first have to admit that you are in prison.’ If you are a Generator, you have to workout what it means to NOT respond. The better you become at avoiding resistance, the more you will find yourself in what I call the Response Field.



The Response Field is the term I give to the state of consciousness reached by a Generator living out their true nature. In the beginning, as I begun to experiment with waiting and responding and not responding, I made small successes. Every now and again, I would encounter a synchronicity, a moment of magic when the timing of the universe would reveal itself to me without my having done anything. As I continued experimenting with my strategy, synchronicity became more and more common place, until now I hardly give it a thought. It seems to me as though a field of energy has softly lowered itself over me until I am living fully within it. This is the Response Field.

It is a state of being when you cannot help but move in flow with life. People think there is such a thing as luck. People think there is such a thing as magic. My experience is that there is nothing but luck and nothing but magic.

I live within that field now. That doesn’t mean I don’t suffer and it doesn’t mean my life is all plain sailing. It does mean that I don’t have to worry about where I am going. The Response Field shoulders all the responsibilities for me. I have just learned how not to initiate.



Chuang Tzu, the Chinese sage, once said: ‚Easy is Right‘.

Well, People don’t believe him! I mean, no one believes him! We are so impressed by people who hammer down doors to get what they want. We are impressed by the difficult and the complex. For most people, resistance is the norm. You can still have a successful life within the maya and live in the not-self. Well, I suppose you would have to redefine the word ‚Success‘. For the Not-Self, success is simply getting what you think you want. For the true Self, success is to be YOU, even if you get nothing.

Think about resistance…

You pick up the phone to order a mail order product and its engaged. Resistance. Not-Self pattern: you call again and again until maybe someone picks up the phone. You push through the resistance, buy your products and three weeks later you receive the wrong products. We all know these little stories from our own lives, but our tendency is to simply push on regardless. True Self pattern: you don’t try again. If the door doesn’t open easily, wait and see. Perhaps another will open somewhere else. We really don’t believe in things being easy.


Now, I know that there are designs that are supposed to struggle and there are designs that are here to learn from trial and error. If you have such a design, you have a few additional laws to working out what resistance is. If you have, for example, the channel of Struggle, there is a struggle that is so enlivening for you that you don’t experience it as struggle at all. It just fills you with your own spirit. And there is a struggle that pulls your spirit down. It tires you out, its unfulfilling, it hurts and you feel trapped. See. Resistance is easily spotted. Unfortunately for many of us, it isn’t so easy to spot in ‚the beginning because it really is the norm. Trial and error – another simple law: did you discover something worthwhile? If you are a trial and error person, then you can only know resistance in hindsight. You have to try and ‚bang the door down to realise it was the wrong door.

For years, I have listened to people within the Human Design community, myself included, trying to explain and describe what it means to respond as a Generator. For me, it really isn’t my truth or practical to have someone ask me a question and then grunt responses throughout the day until I arrive at some kind of emotional clarity. I am simply being honest about this, and I have 6 years practise at responding consciously.

I think this kind of exercise can be a great revelation at the beginning of our journey in Human Design, and it’s quite clear that there are designs that do operate like this all the time.

Response for me has always been so subtle. Most of the time, its deeply internal, as though my whole being were arriving at a decision and that decision is only clear when I have waited long enough. When the decision is made, I literally cannot stop myself from acting, as the terrific force of the motor powers me into action.

I have described my decision-making process of choosing food in restaurants as like a Flock of birds wheeling in circles before they select a suitable tree to roost in for the night. They begin by circling the whole wood, then the circles get smaller and smaller until they are circling a singletree, until eventually, they select a single branch and land in an exact spot. For me, it’s usually the sticky toffee pudding.


My point is that every person’s response is absolutely their own, and it is my feeling that we have been looking in the wrong direction if we really want to understand how a Generator really works. In a new educational programme over here in the UK, I now have my students learn how to do their own basic Not-Self reading, and it can be a very powerful experience for people.

My focus is upon learning more about how our designs meet resistance and how to see your Not-Self in action, because when you can identify resistance, only then can you find you way out of the prison that keeps your life from being easy and magical.

Sacral people comprise 70% of humanity. We are the archetype of being human. We have been called builders or powerhouses, but we are much more than that. We are the essence of intelligence and creativity. We aren’t here to be led by anyone or anything. We are here to create a field of Light around this planet that can be seen for light years in space. We are life itself converted into a human frequency. We are the very Heart of humanity.


This is an excerpt from The Revelation – A guide to the basic Concepts: Centers, Types and Definition

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