The reflector – and the four paths of enlightenment

The reflector – and the four paths of enlightenment Since time immemorial, man has hankered after a state of transcendence from the form in which he finds himself locked. This state has been called so many different names – nirvana, moksha, brahman, satori, enlightenment, awakening… This issue of enlightenment is deeply ingrained within the Human Design Revelation. […]

Manifestor – The reward of being yourself

Manifestor – The reward of being yourself The Issue of The Manifestor- When can I go home?* Something beautiful and extraordinary is happening to all the Manifestors living on our planet right now. As a genetic type, they are in the sunset of their life. Manifestors are in many ways the most alluring of all the types. […]

Generator – easy is good

Generators – easy is good! THE ISSUE OF THE GENERATOR- How do I know when I am responding? The Sacral Centre is a magical thing. I am not sure that anyone can ever really understand. It has no awareness of its own. It’s the way in which the gods decide what gets done down here. If you […]

Manifesting Generator – Balancing two forces within

Manifesting Generators – Balancing two forces within The more time that passes with Human Design in my life, the more I am sure of the greatest secret it brings to me – That secret is the secret of the Aura. If you know how to be yourself, your aura begins to hum. It communicates in a quantum […]

Projector – How long do I have to wait?

Projectors – How long do I have to wait? The Issue of Projectors – How long do I have to wait?* „There is one big key to understanding Projectors, and it can only be found by looking at the bigger picture. We know that statistically, Projectors make up 21% of the population. That means that for every […]

Human Design Literaturempfehlungen

Human Design Literaturempfehlungen In den letzten 4 Jahren habe ich einige Bücher & Texte gewälzt. Manche fand ich super. Manche weniger. Manche haben den Einstieg leicht gemacht, andere der Vertiefung vgedient. Manche haben mir eine Zeit lang gedient, andere öffne ich bis heute immer wieder. Ich habe hier meine Favoriten für euch zusammengestellt. Die meisten […]